Fell Foot Sound 2010 is now a distant but very pleasant memory, and it's time to give a massive thankyou to all of you who attended and ensured the event was a success.

I would also love to thank the following chaps and ladies: Barry Houghton (of Course) and his staff, Lucy Bannister, Keri Morgan, Eddy Lines, Martin Donaldson, Pete Devine for doing an amazing job at the sound, The Bridge Cafe, Christine at the bar, Piskie Sits, Streets of Rage, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Mr Peppermint, Quack Quack, Plank!, Juffage, Shield Your Eyes, Bitches, Shearing Pinx, Cowtown, Mucky Sailor, Bo Ningen, That Fucking Tank, Nope, the wedding over the road for the fireworks, Leah Barry, Emma Holmes, Andrew Forknell, The lady that gave me her sweets,