Taio Cruz unveils acoustic video

Taio Cruz, the Mega-platinum artist, has come out with an acoustic version of his new single called Fact car. He performed it at the rooftop of a Las Vegas style nightclub in Hollywood. He was backed by a single guitarist. "Fast Car" is a form his album TY.O that was first released in 2012’s December in Germany, and it was released in the United Kingdom and United States in this month.

Taio has nurtured the habit of billing acoustic performances online. Cruz begum with simple videos of his Rihanna and Adele covers, then going up to the high quality versions with Bruno Mars covers. Before his new "Fast Car" video clip that releases via ET Online. Taio has also created an acoustic version "Break Your Heart" as well as "Dynamite", two of his own biggest hits.

The British record producer and songwriter is also an entrepreneur and occasional rapper. His first album called "Departure" was written, arranged and produced by himself. His 2nd album named "Rokstarr" made him very popular with singles such as Dynamite and Break Your Heart.

Taio Cruz has collaborated with other popular artists like Fabolous and Ke$ha for their track called Dirty Picture; he has collaborated with Travis McCoy and Kylie Minogue on his single called Higher. In 2012, Taio composed animated movie Rio’s lead single called Telling the World.