Taio Cruz grabs all the attention

Taio Cruz, the R&B and pop singer will top the headline in the Slope Day of 2012. American rock and pop outfit Neon Trees will start the festivities of the day. The editors of Sun’s Arts and Entertainment weigh in on the choice of concert.

A yearlong suspense – touched with hope for this kind of acts as well as modifying dread for the rumors of Nickelback – finished with 2 radio favorable picks which have been listened, everywhere. Probably, Neon Trees and Taio Cruz are as crowd popular as one can viably get.

Selections director of SDPB Sam Breslin told that they know that people were waiting for big name headliners, they also understood that many teenage students were getting tired of rap and hip-hop artists. A whole lot of people wanted a pop singer who is on the radio all the time — someone whom you could sing along with.

While this is disputable how different Taio Cruz is when it comes to his musical approach from the headliners of Slope Day in recent years. He really does overtop a broad and similar fan base which guarantees a hustling day on Libe Slope. Taio narrowly missed a scope to sing on Umbrella, the 2007 hit of Rihanna, but that cut did not stop Taio from getting an instant fan base after the release of his self produced ‘Departure’ in the year 2008.
It is quite tough to think of a more right anthem for the last day of classes compared to Taio Cruz’s No. 1 track ‘Dynamite’ that exhorts to throw their hands up in the air at times celebrate and live life.