Prostitute claims she had sex with Justin

Justin Bieber’s wild behavior in Brazil is catching up with him. A lady, who claimed herself to be a prostitute at Panama’s Le Palace nightclub, is now opening up regarding her alleged sexual confrontation with Bieber. She even called it ‘delicious.’

Before Bieber was clicked hanging out at a brothel in Brazil on 1st November, he allegedly started his escapades at the Le Palace, a nightclub in Panama. This is the place where he and his buddies allegedly took ten prostitutes to take to the hotel.

In an interview, one of the prostitutes claimed that she had slept with Justin Bieber and he paid her more than US$ 500. According to reports, the prostitute considers herself as a Belieber. She told that the adult club was about to close when Bieber’s bodyguards came in and started inspecting the place.

While speaking to a leading website, she told that they took their bags and their cell phones. Justin came in running in a black hoodie and went in the bathroom. Bieber allegedly selected ten ladies to join him at the hotel. They took them in their car to the hotel. It was really incredible.

She told the website that when they reached there, the Canadian pop star came and kissed her on the nose and on the forehead. The prostitute added that she wanted to do everything with him and she did it. Their hook up reportedly lasted for an hour. The group of girls left the hotel at around 4 am in the morning.