Adults prefer what they know

It was, for several years, an apothegm of adult contemporary as well as hot AC radio. It was the call up cry for AC's move away from unproved music. Through the earlier years, one could count on several tracks to follow a specific flight - young and edgy at the outset, and then softened by time after several many years. Tracks transitioned from top forty to hot AC to AC as they no longer sounded very aggressive, because the audience, who were fond of those songs, aged into AC's aimed demos as well as brought those tracks with them.

Recent adult success of the top forty as well as the strength of the daughter/mother collaboration altered that. Caribbean Queen..No More Love on the Run of Billy Ocean spent many years on its journey from the funky at the time R&B crossover to the type of single which you would only listen on the mainstream AC. Taio Cruz, the fellow British R&B star's Dynamite was singing adult song along at children's birthday parties within few months since its release.

For the AC radio, that alteration has showed itself in 2 ways. Number one, it is no longer unusual to watch an AC music test prevailed by recent music and this would have really been unthinkable in earlier days when only an ineluctable hit of "I Will Always Love You" relative importance could count on fast traction. It is not the case throughout the board, but just watching it happen at all is really noteworthy.