Lil Wayne defends stepping on the national flag

Lil Wayne, the well known rapper, has stated that he actually meant no offense when he stepped onto the national flag of United States while shooting his new video. A cell phone footage revealed the rapper walking across the US national flag after it fall on the ground.

In one of is posts in the popular social networking site Facebook, he told that he never intended to "desecrate the flag of the United States of America". Lil Wayne has been shooting the video for the God Bless Amerika track. He stated that the video clip which surfaced on the internet was a camera trick clip.

Adults prefer what they know

It was, for several years, an apothegm of adult contemporary as well as hot AC radio. It was the call up cry for AC's move away from unproved music. Through the earlier years, one could count on several tracks to follow a specific flight - young and edgy at the outset, and then softened by time after several many years. Tracks transitioned from top forty to hot AC to AC as they no longer sounded very aggressive, because the audience, who were fond of those songs, aged into AC's aimed demos as well as brought those tracks with them.

Taio Cruz unveils acoustic video

Taio Cruz, the Mega-platinum artist, has come out with an acoustic version of his new single called Fact car. He performed it at the rooftop of a Las Vegas style nightclub in Hollywood. He was backed by a single guitarist. "Fast Car" is a form his album TY.O that was first released in 2012’s December in Germany, and it was released in the United Kingdom and United States in this month.

Taio Cruz Grabs Second ASCAP Award

British singer and song writer Taio Cruz was awarded as the best Songwriter of the Year at the ASCAP award. This year’s annual ASCAP award was held in London on 10th October. The songwriter was given the honor by the US Society during the 32nd London bash.

The ceremony which took place at the capital's House Hotel of the Governor honored some of the best songwriters, publisher members, composers of UK society PRS because of their contribution in the field of Music, as reported by the Music Week.

Taio Cruz Concert in Melbourne

Taio Cruz performs with Pitbull, Plus Timotatic and Havana Brown to the delight of all Australian fans. The Rod Laver Arena was filled with excited crowd who danced and jumped to the hit numbers belted out by the artists. Taio Cruz entered the stage with a sea of laser beams flashing to announce his arrival.